Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Income Strategy

Hi There, Fellow Online Workers And Newbies. These Are My Income Strategies That I Am Currently Using, And Want To Share With You.

There are lots of opportunities out there that may be much more profitable, but here is what I have on hand and where I started off with almost nothing but a few pennies.

My Main Income Programs: 
With these I would NOT recommend missing a DAY of activity. Luckily some of them got options in place to counter/make up for, such inactivity.

1. Paidverts – Strategy - Click paid ads, click and collect the Baps, when enough funds available, upgrade to lowest-cost pack, try build up Baps without exchanging for the micro ads or playing the games, so to reach higher level Bap group, THUS RECEIVING HIGHER PAID ADS. Additionally you can login to Mytrafficvalue with the same login credentials.

 2. Neobux –Longest surviving PTC site. Trusted, secure and paying. Strategy –Rent referrals, click, rent more etc. until you have enough referrals working for you. Of course you have to also be clicking while maintaining them. Keep hiring referrals. Recycle them, and renew them. Don’t cash out until you can upgrade to Golden membership which double the income. The total referrals and money you will achieve is limitless. Add your own referrals to add more income.
Download my Neobux Projection Spreadsheet from here or here


3. Clixsense - Strategy-See Neobux strategy above. Build-in surveys, tasks and offers.

4. SFI – An online business community. Actually it’s more than that. It is YOUR online business, learning centre and PERSONAL ONLINE STORE WITH YOUR OWN CHOICE OF PRODUCTS TO SELL. Make this your long term income opportunity.

My Personal Safelists & Listbuilders:

5. Pif43 - (Safelist) – Strategy- Easy manageable backoffice. Build in matrix.Awesome tools
inside. Check it out. Load every referral link from every website on this page, on
to this safelist’s advertising page, and then promote using the credits received
from clicking the email’s credit link.
See Personal Tools $ Tips: pt.1 below.

 6. Listzillion- (Safelist) - Easy manageable platform. Great features inside. Also see Personal Tools $ Tips: pt.1 below.

7. Leadsleap- (Safelist) –Easy manageable backoffice. Awesome features inside. Don’t let this one slip your online income arsenal.

8Reality Networkers – Strategy – Build a network of people within a matrix and when completed, take them with you to any venture you may join, establish or participate in.

My Personal Promotions:

Bitgold Affiliate – Earn for every signup, and more when they deposit under your affiliate link.

RealMarketing4RealPeople - Strategy- Strategies inside ;-)

My Traffic Exchange Websites: 
To promote my main income websites: Good Earners :-)

Power Cash Stream
Lobby Hits
Legacy Hits
Ninja Surf

Traffic Exchange with 1,117,000+ members

Strategy – Not much of a strategy that I use here, although they got a Power Surf (GPS) system that make it possible to surf above Exchanges as a bundle, thus earning quicker credits and cash. You may already join them here to keep it organized and save time. It may seem to be a lot of surfing but it’s all worthwhile.

For the abovementioned websites, the following payment processors are needed: 

You can also earn commission promoting these.

PayPal – Even with some recent glitches, this is the most common and widely accepted payment method worldwide.

Neteller – A much trusted and secure payment processor, provide a free virtual credit card (especially for people who don’t own a physical credit card and can be loaded with almost any debit card around the globe), alternatively you may purchase the worldwide accepted plastic credit card for a minimum once-off fee.

Payza (previous Alertpay) – A trusted, neat and well known payment processor that stood the test of time, and even went through a name change without losing its authenticity.

Needful Personal Tools $ Tips:

1. Here is a tip and strategy to quickly surf through the Safelist mailed ads you subscribed to, which will save you some valuable time. Download here or here

2. Too many passwords to remember? No problem. Roboform will do it it for you. Safe, trusted and popular. Use it online, offline and on most mobile devices with one master password. Choose between Everywhere or Portable and access it anywhere from any PC. For free. A must have.

3. Install the Scrapbook addon in Firefox. (Not compatible with all versions of Firefox) This is a very handy tool to save pages for offline viewing. Very useful, especially for those with limited internet access, and who want to view pages later. For example; I open the promotion tools pages of all websites in this current page, and save them in a folder in Scrapbook for offline viewing. Then when online, I copy paste the needed banners and referral links from the offline saved pages, into the needed online ad promotion tables, thus reducing unnecessary internet page loading and data.

4. Create a bookmark toolbar in Firefox to show all the above links on the desktop for easier access. Of course you may use Chrome but Firefox, personally, are more accommodating with its features.

5. Open a Gmail account or use an existing one. Make folders and then it will automatically filter all Safelist emails neatly into each individually named folder, as they arrive. How? See here.


So is this IT?!
Well... To sum it all up as one strategy, do the steps as follows:

  1. Set up Roboform before signing up to any programs
  2. In Gmail create a folder named ‘passwords’ where the signup confirmation emails of all the programs would go. By now you should have read how to filter and fast-click received emails
  3. Then join all the programs above
  4. Open the promotion pages of the websites and save in Firefox Scrapbook
  5. In the Safelists\Listbuilders and traffic exchanges, setup the promotion ads of your referral links or banners in their assigned advertising pages. Note: In traffic exchanges, these advertising spaces are limited unless you upgrade. If so, then for now, advertise only the Main Programs and Safelist\Listbuilders here.
  6. When your ads are set up, it’s time to receive credits so people may see your ads and join under you, increasing your income.Only the Safelist\Listbuilders above send their credit ads via email, so you have to open your Gmail account to view them. Follow the tips above to click through the emails faster.
  7. Apart from having ONCE setup the necessary ads and tools in place, work the programs, starting from the top of this page daily.
  8. Set a timetable and schedule to do everyday tasks in each program
  9. Do not overload yourself. Set up everything right the first time.
  10. Use an Excel spreadsheet to estimate potential income of each program. It will motivate you
  11. Don’t lose heart. You may start slow and low budget but eventually the pace will increase, as will the income.

So there's my way of doing things folks. If you decide to join other opportunities, bring them through the same systematic procedure as described here, and again, keep it manageable. 

All the best in your online ad-venture.